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Suffolk Canine Creche started in 2011 as an idea and was then launched and finally opened in January 2012 in a small unit just outside central Ipswich. It was the middle of the credit crunch and this unit quickly reached capacity. After 18 months we had a waiting list and an established “fan club”, it really became a community.
Whilst coping with the demands of the business and keeping our name prominent while having no spaces and literally turning away clients, we secured much larger premises and, after three years of trading, moved. Reopening after the weekend (phew!) with Day Care Creche, our new Hotel Overnight Boarding Service, and the Training Dog-Cademy. Following soon behind was the Swimming Pool and then the in-house Grooming Spa – Fluff The Ruff.


Our founders are Candace Rose and her husband Nathan (in the police force). With a long established career in HR & Recruitment and having spent her final year making people redundant, she took the risk to open along with Nathan’s support and encouragement.

It was the middle of the credit crunch and most people thought her a little mad – barking mad maybe! However, launch she did and she now has the success story it is today. From learning fast about which premises would work, making many building mistakes along the way, planning applications were a complete minefield and legislation did not compliment her vision. What might look good on paper never really worked out….with no book to follow and no format to copy, every idea had to be thought up and invented…a process which has provided the building blocks for the innovation that they follow today.

So after many many NO’s, slowly she turned these into YES’s, some issues were bigger than others, but eventually she opened her dream and took her dogs to work with her.

Always owning an array of Dalmatians, these were part of her inspiration. After all, people could have careers and families, why could she not have her dogs?

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If you want to know more about our franchise offer please call us on 01473 636151 or email us at info@caninecrechegroup.co.uk and we will arrange to send you one of our information packs.