The Investment

The estimated initial investment to establish a Dog Day Care Centre will ultimately depend upon the extent of the building refurbishment project.  The building refurb really does vary and we have worked on a range from £3,000 – £110,000 (though the later was unusual and large) We believe that starter buildings are likely to be around £3,000 – £20,000.

We have extensive spreadsheets that are available to you once you have progressed through a number of stages with us (and we have a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement) however the overall spend (without building costs) is likely to be in the region of £65,00-£85,000, this includes complete working Capital for one year and the Franchising Fee of £42,500. (you do not require the full amount from the first day), as this does include a full years working capital and that cost is attributed throughout the first 12 months.

We have organised our spreadsheets and cash flow to allow for a Franchise Owner to place a Manager within the business as well as be the day to day manager.  The cash flow plan also allows for invest repayment as well as salaries, and can be adjusted to match all situations.

The Marketing Fund Fee’s (includes local and national campaigns across all media) are 5% of your gross sales and the Management Fee is a flat fee of £200 per month.  Each is paid monthly.

These fees entitle you to use our distinctive highly recognised branding and logo’s, use of our bespoke system, marketing assistance, ongoing business support and development.

Our unique Intranet system with every process documented and a copy of every document you will ever need houses within.

In the meantime, plenty of research can be done at as well as our Facebook Page which links to that website.



Full Training can be provided for two people per Franchise, ideally you and your manager or partner, it has been set up this way to cope with many scenario’s, i.e. you being the Franchise Owner and Running it or maybe placing a Manager in from day one and you overseeing it, we can adapt the Training Plan for you if you are placing a Manager in to lead your facility.

  • Hands on in Playrooms
  • Systems training
  • Front of House
  • Customer services and Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Shadowed on Front of House
  • Marketing all methods
  • Social Media
  • Registering Dogs

1st Class Training


  • Visit short-list of potential sites with you
  • Prepare initial building plans (we know exactly what will work and what you need, saving you thousands in designing a building that is not fit for purpose!)
  • Provide you with the logo and corporate brand
  • Assist with planning permission including council committee meeting attendance if required
  • Meet with local Environmental Health Department
  • Issue basic brief to builders/instructions for refurb
  • Full training for Two People (minimum of 3 weeks)
  • Operations Manual
  • Access to our Intranet and every document you will ever need
  • Two Branded Uniforms (Fleeces and Polo’s)
  • Assist with Recruitment including profiling and test sessions
  • Provide you with the initial services of our Business Coach up to your opening date
  • Extensive Marketing including Social Media Postings to over 3,000 followers, Email Marketing to a database of over 700, as well as specific postings regarding the opening
  • Complete live website and hosting for the first year with links to the Group site, as well as providing all your content and images and page updates throughout the year
  • Facebook Page and links
  • Bespoke Database and booking system
  • New Client Registration days prior to opening (3 days)
  • Final prep for GRAND OPENING
  • CEO and team present for GRAND OPENING

And that just gets you open…

5 Star Support

Are you ready to make a life changing decision, interested enough to explore this opportunity?


  • Email or telephone us for an info pack on 01473 636151
  • Initial Phone Call, we cover a few topics including your motivation, business background & location of interest, we will also be happy to answer any questions
  • We will send you a Confidential Profile and an NDA which you will need to send back
  • You may now be regretted due to “fit” or invited to our “DOG-GONE DISCOVERY DAY!”
  • At the day you will be able to “Express your interest”.
  • Meet for 121 with CEO
  • Sign legal contracts, and let’s go build a business together.

Own A Company You Can Be Passionate About

If you want to know more about our franchise offer please call us on 01473 636151 or email us at and we will arrange to send you one of our information packs.