Who are the Canine Creche Group?

We are an Award Winning, very well established Dog Day Care business, a market leader in the UK with phenomenal results.

We have a reputation for inspiring service levels, our policy is always safety first and we offer a luxury upscale service to a dog loving clientele.  We are the Canine Creche Group Ltd

Our “Mother Ship” is SUFFOLK CANINE CRECHE and our whole business model is based on this stand-alone facility.  This facility currently offers Day care for an average of 400 dogs per week, Hotel overnight Bedroom Suites, a Dog-Cademy for Training and Rehab as well as our on-site Grooming Spa Fluff The Ruff.


We are known for having well trained staff, knowledgeable in their field and have been awarded at an Employer level for our training and development processes.

We are offering limited locations with unlimited potential.

Why a Franchise?

This is a life altering and exciting experience, it is a huge decision and also pretty scary!

  • How do you choose a business?
  • How do you find a location?
  • How do you start to market it? When?
  • How do I keep the dogs safe? How does it actually work?
  • Where do I start? And the list of questions simply grows….

Within our franchise system you have the security of knowing you are never alone and we always have the answers.

We have made all the mistakes (costly or not!) and developed all our processes and structures so that you don’t have to

Start your journey with us and see the level of marketing, operations and support that is available with us

The decision to choose us will be an easy one!


The APPA American Pet Products Association reports that pet services (boarding, day care, grooming) accounts for $4.73 bn in the US for 2014 and pet expenditure is growing year on year.
Britons will surpass £4.6bn for the first time in 2015, a 3% increase on last year and 25% growth since 2010.
Global spending will break through $100bn according to Euromonitor and UK consumers spent £1.5bn on non-food gifts and services for their pets, such as Day Care, Grooming, holidays, clothes and toys.
Gina Westbrook Director of Strategy @ Euromonitor says that the humanisation of pets is the force behind the trend.

Award Winning

We have won awards at Employer level and have won a National Award from the Pet Industry Federation – PET SERVICE BUSINESS OF THE YEAR 2015, full details of all our awards will be announced once we have a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, our organisation has already been recognised for what we do and this helps to drive our PR and marketing, providing us the very best opportunities for newspaper coverage and to engage with your local news contacts.

5 Star Support

The support we offer is second to none, firstly we fully equip you during our training program to cover every step, answer every question and send you away as a knowledgeable professional.

We have an Operations Manual which includes every step, how to register a dog, how to temperament test a dog, booking dogs in and out, mixing dogs into correct groups, the list is endless…



We are all different but with common traits

  • We are all dog lovers
  • We want to work with something we are passionate about
  • We all want to grow a successful business

We are all different but with common traits

  • We are all dog lovers
  • We want to work with something we are passionate about
  • We all want to grow a successful business

Own A Company You Can Be Passionate About

If you want to know more about our franchise offer please call us on 01473 636151 or email us at info@caninecrechegroup.co.uk and we will arrange to send you one of our information packs.