Day Creche

We were the first proper “Creche” within the County, and probably within the UK, many emulate us, but they are generally a Day Care Operation and not a fully fledged Creche, we have hands-on staff with the best staff to dog ratio of any facility.

We have a bespoke 11,000+ sq.ft designed to be cage free (unkennelled) with only your dog in mind. Everything is here, we do not take your dog off site or travel to another location, your dogs are safe and secure at all times.

Overnight Hotel Boarding

We are the only facility in the UK to offer 24/7 care providing a staffed service (staff on hand and alert all night). We have only TEN customised bedrooms, each bedroom is centrally heated, with double glazed doors, raised beds and themed.


The Dog-Cademy has been launched to cater for all dogs (Creche attendee’s or otherwise!), we have courses for all age ranges and disciplines and our centre is on site and headed up by Steve Andrews whom is known to many in the dog world. Steve has a reputation for offering training and behaviour analysis, developing techniques that encourage you to engage with your dog, all methods are kind and promoted in a calm environment.


We have a dedicated Grooming Spa based on site at the Suffolk Canine Creche facility. Dogs do not have to be registered at the Creche or even attend the Creche to experience all we have to offer in our Grooming Spa.


The pool is predominantly used for Day Creche clients, dogs are freely able to use the pool when they are in day care, it’s just something extra we do. It’s purely for fun and fitness (not hydro therapy).

We take group bookings by appointment so do call us if you want to know more.

Puppy Parties

Our Puppy Parties are normally held bi-monthly on Saturday mornings for two hours, where both puppies and owners can attend a delightful two hours of fun and frolics!

A wonderful two hours from 10am – 12noon with lots of off-lead safe play, interaction, education and of course a puppy party pack to take home!

Nana Creche

We have a reputation for taking traditional services and turning them on their head! We thought it was about time the “In-Home Canine Services” got that treatment…

After spending the last 18 months researching the types of services and levels of competency offered, we spoke at length with Insurers to find out what can go wrong, when are claims made and have completely removed that risk from our Nana’s.

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If you want to know more about our franchise offer please call us on 01473 636151 or email us at and we will arrange to send you one of our information packs.