Why Canine Creche Group

The Difference

We have turned the canine care business on it’s head! We have changed the traditional model of kennelling and dog care to an inspiring service offer, that gives complete peace of mind to our two legged clients and enjoyment, fun and love to our four-legged clients.
With over 20,000 dog day creche visits last year and 3,600 overnight stays, we are clearly the brand of choice. We are a transparent company and do everything we can to ensure that our service if fluid and can be viewed by our clients.
The pet care industry is growing at a phenomenal rate and our company surpasses even the national rate, this is largely due to creating an evolving a business that is trail blazer for innovation, ensuring that structure and supervision contribute to our enviable safety levels.

Safety First

We work under the heading of safety first, always asking ourselves the safety questions first. We make rules and procedures to ensure your dogs well-being and safety at all times. We do this with the viewing panels, creche cam’s, security procedures, temperament testing (and failure rates) and opening up the creche for the public to take a tour without an appointment.
Our team are all trained and we dedicate an vast investment to their development. We are award winners for our Apprenticeship Program ensuring that newcomers to the animal care industry are trained in our new and innovative ways.

Creche Cams

The whole site is covered by CCTV camera’s, our viewing TV in reception allows you to see our whole facility, all of the rooms as well as the outside.

This enhances our security, our standards and offers you the owners complete and total peace of mind. When registering a new dog with us, you will be able to see the camera system, it is our safest way of showing you all the dogs and having a direct look at what they are doing as well as our seeing our complete facility, without actually having you disturb the dogs.
All footage is recorded and kept for three weeks, and is a full testimony to our transparent open service.

Own A Company You Can Be Passionate About

If you want to know more about our franchise offer please call us on 01473 636151 or email us at info@caninecrechegroup.co.uk and we will arrange to send you one of our information packs.